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About Us


To be your preferred “first choice” office supplier – every time.


To provide the “best of brand” product for the job, at the right price, and at the right time.

Ink Cartridge

As a Small/Medium sized business, we understand and relate to all segments of the market. From the Small Office / Home Office user, to the Professional, to the Corporate and Government sectors, Typewrite is ideally positioned to service and supply the demanding business world. The wealth of experience of our staff and management, ensures an informed and friendly response to the ever changing office technology challenges. Which gives us, and you, the most important customer, the advantage over our competitors.



To deal ethically, honestly and fairly, with all our clients and suppliers – without compromise.

All products are obtained legally through officially accredited supply channels, ensuring peace of mind for the purchaser. We do not supply any “grey”, “parallel” or other products of dubious origin.

We honour all warranties and guarantees of our suppliers and manufacturers – without question.

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